About Me

This business began in 2017 as a creative outlet and since then has grown a little more each year. I am the sole proprietor. I am responsible for every item created, every order processed and shipped, and every message answered.

Like most children of the 80's, my younger years were blessed with the creative efforts of Jim Henson, Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, and Classic Disney. Every item in this store is hand made by me and pays tribute to memories and special moments from my own childhood. 

I have always been inspired by the creativity and ingenuity displayed by Jim Henson and his creature shop. In more recent times, the continuation of handmade physical art in this current world of CGI and lasers by The Jim Henson Company and Guillermo Del Toro warms my heart and reaffirms my own love for creating "the old fahioned way".

This is a "laser free zone". Everything i sell is made by hand with wood burners. I love the smell, the control you have over the process and the personal connection to the item being created.

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